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Poster: Skobud Date: Apr 4, 2011 12:56pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: About 889,000 people have 'Liked' - I never knew the GD community could be so ungrateful.

Now that no one else can see this, Ill go ahead and respond again Rob. Obviously you have no idea or cannot remember that you already gave yourself away to Dennis under this username.

"Clear the Air Regarding Ugly Rumors - Islam_Sucks is actually Cliff Hucker"

Remeber idiot? Whatever, its par for the course when it comes to you. Zero self awareness and no self control.

See Rob, the other thing is that you have obviously forgotten how you used to PM me all the time and tell me how much you loved to post under fake names here at LMA because no one could actually "prove" it was you.

Oh, and the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity, well, you have proved that is absolutely false. There are 2 maybe three newbies that have saved LSP from being completely irrelivant. You should thank them for posting so much. My point is Rob, you think its cool to be some kind of trumped up "Bad Guy". the real truth is, you are a narcissistic asshole with zero social skills. Now you are blaming all your BS on a "rough patch"...Yea, right. You are the same person you have always been. That is why LSP is the way it is. Only a matter of time.

You need to edit your dark.starz posts less. Every one of them is edited at least once. This ultra cool hip been to every show and know everything persona you have taken on is kinda interesting, but also sad and pathetic. Its obvious you are taking some time to try and make them as much not like you as possible, but, its really obvious to anyone who has gone back and forth with you.

Lastly I would ask that you edit your charter to reflect what actually happened between me and you. it says now:

Skobud - Tried backdoor PM deals to get ME banned!

Is that how it happened Rob? Really? I see no mention anywhere of the physical and violent threats towards your own members. It should say something like this:

Skobud - Stood up to me when I physically threatened my members in the politics section. I had to get rid of him and the politics section immediately so no one could see what I actually did.

You give new meaning to the word Coward. This Music Sucks persona is by far your weakest yet. Your attempt at reverse-psychology is actually pretty funny. Im sure it falls under the same category as all your other psuedo-coward names. Why not post under your actual name for once? I just dont understand why you are so scared. You are big bad Kochman, remember? No one talks down to you cause you are so smart and always in charge of everything and you know everything.

You're an idiot Rob.